Canada at a crossroads


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Canada is a vast country with rich natural resources. For decades it has relied on global trade and a stable international order to prosper. As Canada heads to polls on the 21st of October, it finds itself with challenges at home and abroad that could bring significant changes to the idea of what Canada is. Its more powerful and influential neighbour to the south, the United States, is in turmoil with divisive politics and unpredictable changes to its foreign policy. Relations with Canada’s second biggest trading partner, China, have hit a low with the controversy involving the telecoms company Huawei. Meanwhile, at home, the country is trying to reconcile its relationship with the oil and gas industries with its leadership on the environment. Canada has been at the forefront of global humanitarian efforts, including accepting large numbers of refugees from Syria, but at the same time it faces discontent over immigration and integration. So what does this election mean for Canada? Do the debates over immigration and indigenous rights require a fresh look at the values that Canadians have taken for granted for decades? Is it time for Canada to redefine its foreign policy and trade priorities in light of a rising China? And what should its relations be with a changing United States? Julian Worricker and guests discuss Canada at a crossroads.

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