Ep. 110 - Plant-Based Medicine, Psychedelics, & Rewiring Your Programming - with Jonathan de Potter


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What brings someone from working at a Fortune 500 company to the world of hallucinogenics? It’s a long, strange trip.

Hallucinogens are coming back into the forefront of healing and spirituality. Back in the ’70s, they had been a big part of spiritual practice. But it wasn’t until recently that the term microdosing began to take off and become a commonly used term — and it’s an enormously powerful tool for health, mind, spirituality, and behavior.

Jonathan is the founder of Behold Retreats and advocates for elevating consciousness and working on ourselves as the most meaningful way to improve the world. As a thought-leader in plant medicine, his priority is to guide others to maximize the benefits and to raise education and awareness on the subject.

Behold Retreats facilitate journeys for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to rapidly accelerate personal growth, discover deeper purpose, and sustain the transformational benefits of plant medicines like ayahuasca and psilocybin.

Their programs provide safety, confidence, and expert guidance to eliminate the guesswork, with life-changing private and group retreats available in idyllic locations.

We dig into topics such as what plant-based medicine is, the potential benefits of them, the effects of ayahuasca and other psychedelic plant-based medicines, and the myths surrounding them.



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