111. Getting Your Gut Healthy & Making SIBO Seem Simple - with Phoebe Lapine


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Hippocrates has famously stated that "all disease begins in the gut." Two thousand years later, he may have been on to something.

When your gut is adequately tuned and functioning well, your chances of getting sick reduce dramatically. But when it comes to our understanding of how we do that, things tend to get complicated. Do we take probiotics? What type? How do I know when I have gut issues? None of this is apparent.

Phoebe Lapine is a food and health writer, gluten-free chef, speaker, and the voice behind the award-winning blog Feed Me Phoebe. Named by Women's Health Magazine as the top nutrition read of 2017, Phoebe's debut memoir, "The Wellness Project," chronicles her journey with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. She is the host of the SIBO Made Simple podcast and author of the forthcoming book by the same name. She helps people newly diagnosed or chronically fighting small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Phoebe's work has appeared in Food & Wine, Marie Claire, SELF, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Mind Body Green, who named her one of 100 Women to Watch in Wellness.

Phoebe and I discuss SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and the symptoms, testing, types, and treatment, and how depression and anxiety play a role in gut-health issues. We also talk about the low-FODMAP diet, and overcoming food fear after elimination diets.


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