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In this episode, we’re diving into the Dating Game. The idea for this topic came about when Julianne was being interviewed on another podcast; the interviewer asked Julianne what her thoughts on the dating game, since there is so much content on it in blogs, magazines, books, and other media.

We’ve all heard of the dating game…

  • Being the right kind of woman
  • Not texting first
  • Wait three days before you call
  • Wait three dates before sex
  • Playing hard to get

Overall, Julianne doesn’t agree with these “rules.” In today’s episode, Julianne shares her thoughts and opinions on the dating game, why we tend to partake in the game, and how we can transcend from the dating game into a place of manifestation and calm when navigating romantic relationships. Bonus: Julianne answers questions sent in by podcast listeners on IG!


“I like to choose the game of communication. I like to be transparent and upfront from day one with what’s real for me, what I’m looking for, if I’m looking for more of a monogamous relationship...Even if I’m unclear, I’ll share that because that’s the game that I want to play, and that’s the way I want people that come into my life to show up.”


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