262: Unraveling Your Ego Stories


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In today’s episode, Julianne recounts an experience where her inner critic made her feel damaged and broken after sharing a bit about her story with someone.

We can get so trapped and caught up in the stories in our heads. When it happens, we can often lose grip on what is because we are so in the emotional wanting to prove an ego story that we just forget everything else.

Julianne encourages you to be mindful of your stories and to be curious about them. One tool Julianne likes to utilize is Byron Katie’s step-by-step process called “Inquiry,” which includes four questions that allow you to unpack your stories. Feel free to use this resource in your own process - linked in the show notes below!


“If you feel emotions that are disturbing, there’s discomfort, or you’re having a struggling experience, zoom out and you just focus on the self - yourself. By taking the neutral observer seat and looking at the stories that are there, what would you see?”


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