Ep 223: The Future For Recruiters


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This is a podcast about the future of recruiting, and perhaps the one topic we've neglected to cover very often is the future of recruiters.

To redress the balance my guest this week is Amy Schultz, Director of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn. LinkedIn has recently published a research report titled "The future of recruiting, the 7 ways your role will change" and it's great to be able to get Amy's practitioner perspective on the findings.

In the interview, we discuss:

• What is the current state of the talent market and how is this affecting recruiting as a profession

• How the role of a recruiter going to change

• The three skills that will redefine recruiting

• What recruitment teams should be doing to keep up with rapidly changing business needs

• The essential metrics recruiters should be tracking and why

• The role of technology

Amy also shares her key advice to recruiting professionals on how they can be ready for the future.

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