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It's the bye week.
We talked about off air about holding back the playbook for FSU. Thoughts?

  • Weg
  • QBu? QB who?
  • "Break tendencies"
    • Get MM on the move
  • Was not “prevent defense “ against Leary
  • Bush-league to not have more reps vs ball st (feels like that game was eye-opening for DD and thought MM would bounce back)
  • Reactive coaching decisions at QB... cause for concern?
    • Jury still out on co-oc
    • Neither was productive in their short time as solo-OC does it make them better or was DD just trying to hold onto this recruiting class given he already lost Led, Drink, Roof?
    • I can’t imagine this is a long term plan.
    • DD needs to evaluate his offensive philosophy
      • 40 & 31st
      • 71st scoring
  • Folks claiming it was a ‘quick hook’
    • It was 4.1 games. Not really quick

FSU Stats

28 rush, 52 pass

Cam Akers had 2.6 ypc outside his 41 yarder

FSU had 5.1 yards per play (WVU had 6.5)

State had 3 fumbles, lost 2. FSU had 1 and lost none

Penalties - State 8/57, FSU 13/99 ... but we had the two that mattered


DRIVES: State: P,P,P,FG, Fumble, FG, Downs, missed FG, P,P,P, TD, downs, fumble. WOOF.

4-16 on 3rd, FSU 5-15

McKay drives: 3 runs / fumble snap RPO, screen practically into a defender (odd play design), over throw on 3rd / Screen to Hines, skips screen pass (set up well actually for 5+ yards), 17 yarder to Emezie, overthrow on sideline, then nearly throws pick.

BH comes into game, noticed Speas was in at RT and Ike was 6th man on line, good play run to field side. Keeps same package in and tries to force play into boundary and its completely blown up, 2nd quarter, 3rd down and he trips under center.



What are the expectations for the rest of the year

Tucker Blankinship


If the rest of the season is now about finding the QB for 2020-21 as seems common thought what would be a successful regular season outcome? Just getting to 6-6?


Similar to Tucker’s question. Do we use the rest of the season to build towards a potentially special season in 2020 and/or 2021? Most of that will center around finding the right QB. I just hope we have the right guy on the current roster

David Stanford


Leary or Hockman? (Probably already scheduled but still.) Also, what do we need to see against Cuse in your opinion? Like DD keeps talking about just execution but do u think they should burn down the offense and start over with a new QB since it’s been so bad?

Well... we’ve two QBs with low production with essentially decent time to show what they have.Another who just went 7 plays but looked like PR. It’s a bit hard for the layperson to understand

David Stanford


Also, I love how people like myself who were firmly in the “keep McKay out there” camp on Saturday afternoon turned fast after the game. I don’t even think McKay is an option anymore. Didn’t even ask about him. Interesting how fast things change.

glasswolf (daughter)

Ranch or blue cheese?

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