#91: Guiding Your Recruitment/Search Business To The Peak Of Success With The Right Help


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I was read online recently that only 29.44% of people who attempted to climb Mount Everest between 1922 and 2006 actually made it to the top… Most failed! Some even died…. Which might not surprise you, I mean… It is the tallest mountain in the world, so I bet getting to the top is actually quite hard… But here's something that you may not have considered… In today's business world, 80 businesses out of 100 go out of business in the first five years (and then in the five years after that, of the 20 survivors you'll have just four left... ) And then five years after that, you're down to just one…. In other words, there's a 99% chance of you going out of business in the first 15 years of operation…. That means only 1% actually get past the 15-year mark… and even then…. Survival doesn't necessarily mean profitable, does it? So it's statistically easier to climb Mount Everest than it is to run and build a highly profitable business that runs for more than 5 years… You might be thinking… OK, but what does this have to do with my Recruitment or Search Business specifically… Well… Most people would never consider climbing Mount Everest alone… You'd get help, a Sherpa, a guide, someone who knows the fastest route, someone to keep you safe, someone to stop you from freezing to death… Even if you're an incredibly experienced climber, you're probably going to want to take along a buddy of some sort with you… Not doing so would significantly increase your chances of failure… And even death! Or at the very least it would simply take you a lot longer to reach your destination… Makes sense right? But here's the thing…. Even though running a highly profitable Recruitment or Search Business is HARDER than climbing Mount Everest (the numbers prove it), most people STILL attempt to do it without the right help and support… And then they wonder why they can't attract enough of the right clients, struggle to command the fees they want and deserve and fail to take their business to the level they want it to be… I've seen some of the most skilled recruiters struggle in business for years all because they didn't get help, or didn't get the right help… On a more personal level, my first Search Business failed, had a negative impact on my marriage and a negative impact on my first son all BECAUSE I didn't seek out the right help… And the little "help" that I did get was from the wrong people… I don't want you to make the same mistake… It doesn't have to be me but get some help and support in the areas your weakest in… And if you want help with your marketing and sales, so you and all your team members can consistently attract and speak to between 15-25 decision makers every single month (who actually want to buy your services) without cold calling, click the link below and let's talk…

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