What Makes a Real Estate Investing Partnership Work? Annie and Julie of GoodEgg Investments Explain


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In this session, we’re talking with Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam of GoodEgg Investments.

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I met Annie Dickerson a few years ago at a conference we both attend each year and I’ve known about GoodEgg Investments for a while, so I thought she and Julie would be great guests to have on the show.

GoodEgg Investments is an apartment syndication company. They find deals in the multi-family space, they educate investors on each opportunity and they connect the sponsors with the investors - all in an effort to help busy people earn passive income from real estate (without having to do all the hands-on work themselves).

Julie and Annie have helped numerous investors along their journey in passive investing and have co-syndicated over 23 multifamily properties valued at over $700m. In this interview, they'll both give us insights into what it's like working in this kind of business, what it's like to quit a day job to pursue this kind of dream, and all the other unique challenges and benefits that come with this line of work.

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