How To Be A Selling Machine in the Land Business - Interview w/ Peter Toth


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#52: Peter Toth is someone I've known about for a few years now, and when I was talking with Josh Brooks back in episode 18, I found out that Josh and Peter were actually working together in a pretty serious capacity. Josh handles all the acquisition aspects and Peter handles the entire sales side.
(Show Notes:

In the land business, one of the biggest bottlenecks most people face is getting properties sold quickly.

Given the inherent challenges and slow turnaround times that can occur in the land business, I thought Peter would be a great guy to talk to as a way of finding out, from a professional, full-time land seller, what is working for him right now?

  • What are the most effective places to advertise?
  • What are the best selling tactics?
  • How does he create a solid value proposition that keeps their inventory moving?
  • How important is a person’s ability to sell person-to-person (over the phone) vs their ability to write good sales copy and get good pictures?

Basically - we’re looking for any insights we can get on the dispositions side of the land business and hopefully, you’ll gather some new ideas from listening in to our conversion.

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