142: The Volume Debate With Lyle Mcdonald & Mike Israetel


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It is finally here! Lyle & Mike get into a highly anticipated debate about the '45 Set Study' by Brad Schoenfeld. They discuss general volume recommendations, intensity, study designs & much more. Timestamps: 02:14 Lyle starts off with his take on the "Volume Study" 05:58 Mike response to Lyle's first critique on doing a blinded study 10:37 Lyle & Mike get into a discussion about Brad's study design & its conclusion 16:25 Lyle starts bringing up his second point of critique, that the study didn't support the conclusion 19:46 Lyle & Mike are moving on to the next point, which is the critique about statistics of the study 24:17 Mike's take on the criticism Lyle brought up about there being no statistical significance because the P-value doesn't support the dose-response claim 25:17 Lyle brings up the p-value & Bayesian method to refute the conclusion 29:38 Mike talks about statistical methodologies, limitations and is by that, responding to Lyle's points. Further, he brings up the question of 'why to put that much stock into one study?' 36:03 Lyle replies to Mike's point & asks him if Mike feels the statistics support the conclusion 42:08 Lyle & Mike get into a discussion around limitations in studies in exercise science 44:42 Both move on talking about frequency about training 47:52 Lyle brings up differences in data and why studies haven't addressed those 51:32 Mike addresses the data differences between studies such as Schoenfeld vs. Ostrowski 58:26 Mike brings up criticism to the Ostrowski study 01:03:21 Mike starts with stating his viewpoints 01:07:25 Mike response to Lyle's question about the rationale for Mike's volume landmark 01:11:45 Lyle shares his take on Mike's volume recommendation & asks for Mike to elaborate on intensity recommendations 01:18:59 Lyle speaks about his take on intensity recommendations 01:24:25 Both get back into a general discussion around volume recommendations for different body parts 01:30:19 Lyle brings up a good question if getting stronger becomes a detriment 01:34:36 Lyle talks about different volume recommendations for different populations For links to the studies discussed please see our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wB_e6YQncYgpv_QrMGHCQ Thanks, please comment, like and subscribe! COACHING: http://revivestronger.com/online-coaching/ WEBSITE: http://www.revivestronger.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/revivestronger TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/revivestronger INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/revivestronger NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2rRONG5 YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySyxYZogw0o __ Stay up to date with the latest research! MASS (Research Review): • https://goo.gl/c7FSJD RP+ Membership: • https://ob262.isrefer.com/go/plus/Steve90/ Our Library • http://revivestronger.com/library/ Recommended supplements: Denovo Nutrition (use code STEVE) • https://denovosupps.com?aff=6 __ When you're interested in online coaching, please go visit our website and follow the application form: http://www.revivestronger.com/online-coaching/

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