Mel Robbins On Why Confidence Is A Habit


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People ask me all day long for the secret ingredient to success and a comfortable way through personal transformation.

My enduring answer: there is none.

I believe in the individual potential for positive transformation. I’m also a self-help skeptic who greets most #lifehacks with profound hesitancy. There is a line between snake oil and efficacy—and that line is crossed more often than not. So if you struggle with self-confidence, making life changes, finding your purpose, or if the general vernacular that encircles self-improvement—words like motivation, inspiration, and passion—leave you more deflated than empowered, I feel you.

Today’s guest, the queen of grounded, science-backed personal development is here today to help us sort things out.

Meet the singular, multi-talented hyphenate Mel Robbins.

A former lawyer turned CNN legal analyst, turned mega-bestselling author and talk show host, Mel is a powerhouse and one of the most widely booked public speakers in the world. Her work includes the global phenomenon The 5 Second Rule, four #1 bestselling audiobooks, the #1 podcast on Audible, and her videos have over a billion cumulative views, including her TEDx Talk How to stop screwing yourself over—which has racked up over 27 million views alone.

The official occasion for this conversation is Mel’s brand new book, The High Five Habit—a must-read primer on how to make believing in yourself a habit so that you operate more empowered and with greater confidence.

However, this conversation is about so much more, packed with practical, life-altering, science and experience-based wisdom you (and myself included) need to hear.

Nobody loves making a real difference in people’s lives more than Mel. Her energy is infectious. Her authenticity and earnestness is palpable. Everyone at the studio fell in love with her—and I know you will too.

To read more click here. You can also watch listen to our exchange on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

My hope is that Mel’s message will do for you what it has for me—remind you to celebrate the small wins, cultivate that bias for action, and get out of your own damn way of creating the life of your dreams.

Final Note: If you would like to sign up for ‘The High 5 Challenge’—Mel’s 5-day free challenge that begins Oct. 4, click here. For purposes of full transparency and disclosure, we have an affiliate relationship with this endeavor which supports the podcast.

Peace + Plants,

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