The Richie Allen Radio Show Monday January 20th 2020


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Richie is joined by Caroline Stephens and Jordan Maxwell. Caroline Stephens is a teacher, financial consultant and a former campaign coordinator for UKIP. She's got a terrific YouTube channel where she breaks down Brexit, the EU, the global financial elite and much more. Today, Caroline discusses whether or not the UK will ever properly leave the EU. Don't miss. The great Jordan Maxwell is back on The Richie Allen Show. Jordan has been researching the occult, ufology, secret societies, the nature of reality and hidden history for more than six decades. He's a genius. Today Jordan talks about why he believes that those who really control our reality and our destinies are not in fact human. He discusses the dangers of using Ouija boards, occult symbolism, CERN and much more in a jaw dropping chat with Richie. Support YOUR show by donating at

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