The Richie Allen Radio Show Wednesday November 13th 2019


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Richie is joined by Posie Parker and Eric Karlstrom. Posie Parker is a feminist campaigner who has been dubbed one of the UK’s most prominent “gender-critical feminists." Posie argues for the rights of women and girls to be protected in female only spaces from men who identify as women. She has faced constant harassment and censorship and was even interviewed under caution by UK police for expressing an opinion. Today she was banned by Facebook. She chats to Richie about these issues and more. Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus professor of geography at California State University. Eric is one of the worlds leading researchers on Global Organized Gang Stalking. Today Eric talks about how people are being targeted in communities and programmed to spy and inform on their fellow citizens. He chats too, about the wild fires which have plagued California and lately Australia, and tells Richie why he believes they are the result of directed energy weapons. Don't miss this show

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