Listener Sex Stories! + Gwenyth Paltrow, Iggy Azalea, Tom Holland, Joker, Birds of Prey, The Politician


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UPFRONT: Detective RichyRich. CELEBRITY SHADE: Runway crashers. Paltrow gave the Weinstein reporters sources. Iggy Azalea. R. Kelly no bail, May 2020. Martin Scorsese says superhero films aren’t cinema. NERD NEWS: Tom Holland saves Spider-Man. Infinity Box Set $550. Mario and Luigi go bankrupt. Joker controversy. Birds of Prey trailer. ^^^ Use Code RichyAndWes to get a dollar off and free shipping on the Skin Slipper product applicator - a safer, smarter skin care device ** Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes | Twitter | Insta | Follow us on Facebook ** Product Codes: boiPKG - Use code RICHWEST35 for 35 percent off PookiePots Use code RICHYANDWES for 15 percent off

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