RHP#059. Dr Heather McKee, Behaviour Change Specialist, Habit Coach, Podcast Host, Research Geek, PhD in Weightloss Psychology


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Behaviour Change Specialist. Habit Coach. Research Geek. Podcast Host. PhD in Weightloss Psychology. Irish Las. Smiler. Wellness Consultant.

The success of most people is because of consistency, perseverance, self-awareness and planning. An overarching theme to all of these, is habits. Good habits, specifically, are what contribute to overall wellness and success. Habits need to be learned and ingrained in us through repetition.

Our guest this week, Dr Heather McKee, is a lady who knows all too well about the importance of habits and all the science surrounding them too.

Heather was born in Dublin, Ireland. Both of her parents were teachers who taught at Universities. Her brother also chose to be a teacher. So teaching runs thickly through their Irish family blood.

She grew up in a time when Ireland was going through a tough and violent period politically. Fortunately, their family came out pretty much unscathed, although they were always accustomed to border searches and similar unnerving events.

Heather studied Sports Science at a University in Dublin, before shifting across the pond to do her Masters and then a PhD in Weightloss Psychology to top it all off!

Her research and articles were picked up and published internationally in leading academic journals and world media publications. This was one of the catalysts for her founding her consultancy and coaching business.

As you may have guessed, Heather is an expert in her field, although she prefers to be called a guide. We had the privilege of picking her brain on all things related to habits, weight maintenance and human behaviour and psychology around that.

Her overarching philosophy in building and maintaining good habits, is to make sure that they are fun to do! Something which we can all subscribe to.

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Let’s find out what it means for Heather McKee, to be Ridiculously Human.

Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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