Short and Sweet - RHP#080 with Craig Haywood


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Doctor of Chiropractic. Science Enthusiast. Networking Machine. Smiler. Deep Thinker. Rock Solid Buddy. Truth Seeker. Pragmatist. Host of The Ridiculously Human Podcast.

When Craig was 17 years old, his little family sausage dog, Jackie, was in extreme pain and had lost the use of her back legs. A Chiropractor, adjusted her spine and the lame legs she went in on, she managed to walk out on….!! A year later, he was living in his sister's garage in Johannesburg, starting his degree to become a Chiropractor.

This is a short and sweet, supplementary version of our weekly Podcast. It’s a taster to give you a flavour of what to expect from the full Podcast episode.

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