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Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the legacies of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes following their performances in the Super Bowl. What context should we view Brady in now that he’s a 7-time Super Bowl winner at the age of 43 (1:18)? What are the chances that Patrick Mahomes’ career turns out to be more of the same, or could this spell the end of dominance a la Dan Marino (22:44)? Bo also puts you up on game on just how much of a “G” Al Davis was, in light of the most recent “30 for 30” “Al Davis vs. the NFL” (32:53). Plus, an IYHH with a Utah charter school trying to “opt out” of Black History Month (42:18), and your voicemails from what made you “quit” playing football (56:49).

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  3. @emilyreanderson on the Utah school allowing students to opt out of Black History Month:

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