142 James Richards - The Raw Realities of Leadership


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If you struggle with regular church as I do you are not alone. You may be what Dr Ellis calls an ‘unchurchable.’ The unchurchable want relation first, system second. Something that speaks to their person beyond an institution. Something easily missed if you’re more interested in converts than people. Sadly this is the case for many churches. In word you won’t hear it but in practice it is all too common. There is no short cut. We have to get past the fear or red tape of the system and dare to do life and walk with people even if it highlights the cracks in the system. Watching Dr Ellis video I quickly resonated with his comments about being an unchurchable person and realised I was firmly in that camp. It appears that todays generation of young people are the most unchurchable yet. They desire an authenticity the church has been privileged not to require. But not anymore. The information age has changed the game. Life and what it consists of are up for grabs. A changed life is the evidence people need. One they can follow and as the Scriptures and early Jews understood it this is doing life with people. It can’t be done in a class and it does not start when people discover Jesus personally either. It starts the minute an unbeliever meets the believer. Right there just as it was with Jesus. He did it when the men he met were yet to know him for who he really was. When they finally saw who he was guess what happened? They changed. So to wrap this up I have created a space where unchurchables inquisitive of Jesus faith can explore what it is about and be coached into what life with Christ looks like. The Way is not here to change you. It’s here to undo the many misconceptions of faith so change can happen more easily. Ultimately Christ is the difference. I have a particular passion for creativity and believe it is the common gift amongst all of us by virture of coming from a Creator. This is the vision and it excites me. See the video below for more and welcome to The Way. If you have any questions I’m just a message away.

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