148 John Finkelde Part 2 - Mission, Leadership, Growth


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About John Finkelde

I have 30 years pastoral leadership experience at C3 Church Hepburn Heights, Western Australia, initially as a team pastor for 10 years and then as the senior pastor for 20 years.

We built a large, regional, multi-generational, healthy church that has impacted its local community through innovative programs and multiplied itself through church planting both locally and overseas.

I have led inter-denominational groups, such as the Perth Christian Minister's Fellowship, and have also ministered extensively throughout Australia and internationally.

Amongst other things I love the fact that our church has planted 6 churches in the last 20 years and has 67% of our adults in connect groups.

In 2012 my wife Dianne and I transitioned our church to stellar next generation leaders raised in our church.

Our church has now sent us out to be specialist ministers in the wider body of Christ, specifically to partner with pastors to grow healthy churches.

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