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This week’s Good Job podcast guest is Aryana Sayeed. Aryana is one of Afghanistan’s biggest stars, a judge on both The Voice Afghanistan and The Afgan Star and an inspiring woman who uses her profile to campaign for Women’s Rights.

She continues to perform music in Afghanistan a country in which music was banned until 2001 and has won many awards for her activism such as an Atlantic Council Freedom Award and a Bravery Award from the Government of Afghanistan. Aryana has made it her life mission to fight inequality in her home country and across the world, she speaks about how music impacts people and how she deals with some of the abuse she gets as a result of speaking out.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.55 - What is Aryana Sayeed’s worst ever job?
  • 02.32 - Was it always Aryana’s dream to be a singer?
  • 04.54 - Beth asks about Aryana’s work championing women and working for equal human rights
  • 07.40 - What was it like for Aryana during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, during which time music was banned?
  • 10.11 - Have the different countries and cultural influences Aryana has experienced affected her music, and does she feel these things stemmed from childhood?
  • 13.36 - Did Aryana find it difficult having childhood experiences of war and moving to a country where other children couldn’t relate to them?
  • 14.50 - How does Aryana deal with abuse and trolls?
  • 16.34 - Does Aryana doubt her ability to make an impact?
  • 17.30 - Quickfire round
  • 18.29 - Fun fact
  • 20.45 - How does Aryana Sayeed approach her creative process?
  • 21.57 - What changes for Aryana in how her music is received in different countries?
  • 24.15 - What is the difference between singing in the three languages Aryana performs in? Would she ever sing in English?
  • 25.42 - Why is singing live important for Aryana?
  • 27.31 - Does Aryana ever get performance anxiety?
  • 28.30 - Greatest challenge and greatest accomplishment
  • 32.04 - If Aryana could wake up with one quality or ability, what would it be?

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