Brian Kehew - Using Your Limitations


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Beth chats sound engineer, producer and musician Brian Kehew. At the time of recording, Brian is on a world tour with The Who, having previously worked with fantastic artists such as Aretha Franklin, Black Sabbath and Fiona Apple - producing Fiona’s album ‘Extraordinary Machine’. Brian opens up with his stories about the world’s greatest musicians and why they succeed and also shares his tips for singers and producers to get the best sound in the studio.


  • 01.20 - What has been Brian’s worst job?
  • 02.17 - How did Brian Kehew get into music for the first time?
  • 02.52 - What was Brian’s first professional music job?
  • 03.22 - As a multi-skilled person, what is Brian’s favourite sector of the music industry to work in?
  • 03.36 - What is involved in mixing?
  • 06.07 - How did Brian come to work with ‘The Who’ and what's it like touring with them?
  • 10.59 - Brian opens up about working with Fiona Apple on her album ‘Extraordinary Machine’
  • 12.36 - How does Fiona Apple approach writing music and performance?
  • 13.16 - What is Brian’s favourite trait in a singer?
  • 14.30 - Using 'limitation' to your advantage
  • 15.22 - The difference of recording in a studio vs performing for an audience
  • 18.59 - How do compressors work and are they important?
  • 20.27- Beth asks Brian about the books he’s written
  • 22.14 - How was it different for the Beatles recording compared to artists today
  • 24.20 - The importance of believing in your vision
  • 24.47 - Advice for singers and producers
  • 26.40 - Brian imparts some advice for nerves and stage fright

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