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Danny Ladwa is Beth's guest – Beatboxer, Singer and founder of School of Beatbox and The Stammering Voice Orchestra. Beth chats to Danny about his stammer as a teenager and how gaining vocal confidence through his singing helped him through this period in his life. They also explore the correlation and differences between singing and beatboxing and discuss Danny’s instinctive approach as a beatboxer when it comes to finding his own voice.


  • 00:56 - Danny Ladwa opens the podcast with some freestyle beatboxing
  • 01:16 - What was Danny’s worst job ever?
  • 01:38 - How Danny was fixated on different rhymes even from the age of six and how that developed into song writing
  • 02:46 - Experimenting with sound
  • 03:40 - How the opinion of his older brother and friends affected Danny’s confidence
  • 04:28 - When was Danny Ladwa’s first gig?
  • 04:53 - What is the path into the beatboxing world?
  • 05:35 - How Danny found himself performing a seven hour gig in Goa
  • 06:31 - Beth asks Danny about the correlation between singing and beatboxing
  • 08:02 - What is The School of Beatbox? What inspired Danny to set it up?
  • 08:36 - Danny Ladwa speaks about his struggles with a stammer as a child
  • 08:55 - Can singing help a stammer?
  • 10:34 - What causes stammering?
  • 11:49 - Why Danny decided to set up The Stammering Orchestra
  • 12:21 - How to support people with a stammer and why it’s important to Danny
  • 16:38 - Beth Roars asks Danny what advice he has for anyone who wants to beatbox
  • 17:19 - How the influence of electronic sounds has influenced beatboxers
  • 17:51 - The importance of experimenting to be able to find your own sound
  • 19:07 - How Danny channels his instincts into beatboxing and finding freedom and expression within singing and beatboxing


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