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Beth Roars talks to Welsh Opera Soprano Rhiannon Herridge, who was forced to give up her job performing on the Silversea cruise line due to vocal injury after a virus. Together they explore how to prevent and recover from vocal damage, how it affected Rhiannon’s confidence and how an old back injury may have even caused the problem in the first place. Rhiannon also chats about her struggle with perfectionism and what life is like working away and travelling the world on a ship.


  • 00:57 - What was Rhiannon Herridge’s worst job ever?
  • 03:12 - What was Rhiannon’s journey into music and why did she want to sing?
  • 04:22 - How being in a children's choir helped Rhiannon learn musically
  • 05:48 - The pros and cons of working on a cruise ship
  • 06:48 - Rhiannon and Beth explore the demands of singing different vocal styles
  • 08:51 - How Rhiannon Herridge injured her voice and how it affected her mental health and confidence
  • 11:31 - Did singing through illness make things worse?
  • 12:15 - Maintaining your standards as a professional and the pressure to carry on
  • 13:08 - Rhiannon's experiences with perfectionism
  • 15:51 - Does Rhiannon still use vocal coaches and singing teachers?
  • 16:10 - Rhiannon's vocal recovery and rehabilitation, including the role of an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist)
  • 16:58 - Singing on steroids
  • 18:08 - How Help Musicians UK and an Osteopath have assisted Rhiannon's recovery and an old back injury
  • 21:50 - The importance of following your intuition when it comes to illness, even if you’re under contract and feel obliged to perform
  • 22:08 - Rhiannon’s advice for anyone experiencing vocal issues
  • 24:20 - Did Rhiannon doubt being a singer and has she ever considered a change in career?
  • 26:36 - Does Rhiannon have a favourite country from touring on the cruise ships?

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