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In this episode, Beth Roars talks to MOBO nominated Gospel Singer Sarah Téibo. Beth and Sarah chat about how to juggle a busy work and family life whilst still creating music with passion. They also get to grips with how to deal with criticism, the difference between leading worship in church compared to performing gigs and address the question - is it ever too late to start a career in music?

Episode Highlights

  • 01:14 - What was Sarah Téibo’s worst job ever?
  • 01:51 - What was Sarah’s journey into music and why did she want to sing?
  • 02:41 - How did singing in Church shaped Sarah’s musical journey?
  • 03:20 - Is it possible to start a career in music later in life?
  • 04:24 - Has Sarah Téibo had any doubts about her music?
  • 05:15 - Dealing with criticism and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • 07:59 - Juggling a full time job around her music trying not to take on more than she can handle
  • 09:20 - Finding balance
  • 10:18 - What is it to be a worship leader in church and how is it different to music industry gigs?
  • 13:33 - What are Sarah’s primary musical influences and which cultures has she drawn from to find her own sound?
  • 15:20 - Why does Sarah use the phrase “Die Empty” as an inspiration?
  • 17:51 - Beth asks if Sarah has any advice for any aspiring independent artists out there

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