Danny Bou-Maroun (Ostura) - Making Room to Find Your Sound


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Beth’s guest is music producer, Ted Talk speaker and composer for Cinematic Prog Rock band Ostura, Danny Bou-Maroun. Beth and Danny explore the differences between composing for yourself versus for someone else and also working as an independent artist compared to with a label. Danny gives his advice about how to keep motivated on a long term project and speaks about the process involved in creating The Room, Ostura’s latest album.


  • 01.02 - What was Danny’s worst job?
  • 01.53 - Beth and Danny chat about the challenges of being a freelancer and wanting to take work which can compromise you artistically
  • 02.14 - How does Danny Bou-Maroun find composing music for visual media - commercials, tv and film vs writing music for his band?
  • 04.32 - How a chance encounter led to Ostura end up working with Universal Music and the changes that brought compared to being an independent artist
  • 06.05 - What motivates Danny Bou-Maroun to make music with Ostura?
  • 07.04 - Why don’t Ostura play many live shows?
  • 08.10 - Does Danny prefer writing or playing live for people?
  • 08.33 - Danny tells the podcast about the lives of himself and Elia Monsef in the film industry
  • 10.00 - Beth asks Danny why Ostura chose to release their latest concept album The Room as a continuous story
  • 12.33 - What can listeners expect from the next Ostura album?
  • 13.19 - How personal to Danny are the themes behind The Room
  • 15.05 - Challenges of creating and finding the Ostura sound
  • 16.16 - Danny speaks about finding a balance in creative collaboration with Elia Monsef - do they always agree?
  • 18.59 - What advice does Danny have for anyone who wants to produce their own album?
  • 20.09 - How does Danny Bou-Maroun stay motivated?

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