Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear/Gamma Ray) - Humility and Heavy Metal


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In the season finale of Good Job with Beth Roars, Beth talks to Primal Fear’s and Gamma Ray’s vocalist - Ralf Scheepers. Ralf discusses how he developed his talent and the importance of staying grounded and humble. He also opens up about how he supported himself when starting out, what it takes to be a heavy metal singer and the way his voice and the music industry have changed since he began his career.


01:14 - What was Ralf Scheepers’ worst ever job?

01:42 - How did Ralf first get involved in music?

03:14 - Has Ralf ever been nervous performing and does he still feel this now?

04:08 - What makes a good vocal?

04:58 - How has the industry changed over the years that Ralf has been singing?

05:36 - The bonding nature of metal music why people are attracted to it

07:59 - How has Ralf Scheepers managed to continue to improve his voice with age?

09:27 - Is it possible or desirable to live a ‘rock’n’roll’ lifestyle alongside keeping the voice healthy?

10:35 - How does Ralf Scheepers warm up?

11:16 - What has Ralf Scheepers' relationship with Judas Priest been like?

13:12 - Are people humble within the music industry and is that a quality that is important?

14:34 - How has Ralf Scheepers dealt with the difficulties of fame?

15:14 - What have been his best moments of Ralf’s career?

16:11 - What advice would Ralf give to singers at the start of their careers?

17:30 - Does Ralf Scheepers still support himself with jobs outside of music?

18:39 - Are Ralf Scheepers’ family supportive of his music?

19:38 - Who writes the songs for Primal Fear and does Ralf have advice for writing songs?

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