Joanna Forest - The Future of Classical Music


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In this episode of Good Job with Beth Roars, Beth chats to Classical Crossover Soprano, Joanna Forest. Joanna is the first independent artist to hit number one on the classical music charts and is the winner of the 2019 Future Classic Women Awards. She talks to Beth Roars about her struggle with cancer, why she transitioned from musical theatre to making her own music and the importance of musical education.


  • 01.05 - What was Joanna’s worst ever job?
  • 02.10 - What forms of education and training has Joanna had?
  • 03.33 - How did Joanna discover her desire to be involved in classical music?
  • 04.26 - The importance of being musically versatile?
  • 04.56 - Joanna Forest describes how her battle with breast cancer aged just 21 affected her confidence
  • 07.08 - Joanna speaks about her journey back into acting after her operation
  • 07.48 - What made Joanna decide to sing as herself as opposed to as a character?
  • 08.22 - Joanna talks about the process of organising a charity gig with CoppaFeel
  • 08.45 - Breaking the mould and deciding to do something different
  • 09.06 - What kind of challenges did Joanna Forest face as an independent artist?
  • 10.55 - What advice does Joanna have for other indie artists who want to release their music?
  • 11.18 - Beth and Joanna discuss finding your audience and the people who resonate with your work and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people
  • 12.45 - How does Joanna remain motivated?
  • 13.53 - Does Joanna Forest have a vocal routine she uses to prepare?
  • 14.13 - The importance of having faith in yourself
  • 17.28 - Joanna talks about working with children and watching them enjoy singing and classical music

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