Chris Rupp - Leaving Home and Finding Free


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Beth speaks to Chris Rupp – Baritone Singer and Founder of All-American A-Cappella Groups Home Free and 7th Ave as well as The Chris Rupp Project. Beth has a candid chat with Chris about his journey including what it was like leaving Home Free, the importance of following your heart even when it goes against the expectations of others and his advice for younger musicians.


  • Beth Roars introduces Chris Rupp and the projects he’s been a part of in his career
  • What was Chris Rupp’s worst job ever?
  • Chris talks about his time working as a game designer for Microsoft as a teenager
  • Chris tells Beth some advice for young people - Say yes!
  • Beth asks Chris what it’s like growing up in a musical family
  • What got Chris Rupp into A Cappella?
  • How Chris and his brother, Adam Rupp, started Home Free
  • Why did Chris Rupp leave Home Free? Was it an easy decision?
  • Chris speaks to Beth about the effects of winning ‘The Sing Off’ TV Show
  • Forming ‘7th Ave’ with Tristin Rupp (Chris’ sister), Kelley Jakel and Adam Bastien
  • Does Chris prefer touring with a group or working alone?
  • What’s it like touring Europe and Australia as opposed to the US?
  • How does Chris deal with people’s opinions and YouTube comments?
  • The fans reaction to Chris leaving Home Free
  • Beth Roars asks Chris if he has advice for singing A Cappella
  • What’s it like to be a part of the production and recording side of videos, not just singing?
  • Embracing the challenge of making something quality and also cost effective
  • Being true to yourself and creating content you love, not just things you know will be financially successful
  • Chris’s advice for anyone who wants to be a singer or musician
  • Why development as an artist never stops
  • Striving for more and why Chris always likes to be busy

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