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Today's guest is Harish Sivaramakrishnan of Agam. Agam are an intriguing fusion of Prog Rock and South Indian Classical Music. Beth asks Harish how this came about and he reveals his western influences including Dream Theater and Tool.

Beth and Harish also discuss the balance between viability and creativity when working on your music and how Harish has maintained a second career throughout his musical journey, working as an engineer.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.28 - What is Harish’s worst-ever job and at what point in his life was that?
  • 02.52 - How did Harish’s interest in music start?
  • 04.15 - Beth asks Harish what happens within an Indian singing lesson
  • 07.00 - Harish explains how he combines South Indian Classical Music with Prog Rock with his band Agam
  • 10.37 - How has Harish found having another career being an engineer?
  • 12.52 - Has Harish pursued engineering out of choice or necessity?
  • 14.31 - The importance of multi-tasking
  • 16.54 - Has Harish found a cross-over in skills required for engineering and being a musician?
  • 19.46 - Quickfire Round
  • 20.48 - Fun fact
  • 22.00 - Does Harish believe more in fate or choice?
  • 23.57 - What has been Harish’s biggest challenge?
  • 26.18 - How do you achieve a balance between being confident in what you’re producing artistically and making sure the art you produce is viable
  • 30.19 - What does Harish consider his greatest accomplishment?
  • 32.29 - If he could choose, what quality or ability would Harish wake up with tomorrow?
  • 33.18 - How important has introspection been to Harish’s music and also his overall life?
  • 34.57 - Advice for people wanting to enter the music industry

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