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Beth chats to Norse music composer Jonas Lorentzen, who is now working on a project known as Nebala. Previously, Jonas was part of the break-through traditional Nordic music act Heilung. Jonas discusses the benefits of putting limitations on yourself, overcoming the fear of success as well as failure, learning how to throat sing and why Jonas has moved on to new projects.


  • 1.05 - What was Jonas’ worst ever job?
  • 1.53 - Could he imagine where he is today when he was a teenager?
  • 2.16 - Did Jonas always imagine his musical work being based on norse culture?
  • 3.34 - When did Jonas’ musical journey begin and what were his influences?
  • 5.35 - How did Jonas get into throat singing from pop-rock style?
  • 6.30 - How was it for Jonas joining Heilung?
  • 10.32 - Jonas talks about being thrown in the deep end when it came to throat singing and how he approached learning
  • 13.38 - How much does Jonas think his vocal development (particularly distortion and throat singing) has been mentally letting go and how much has been in the physical learning of it
  • 16.40 - Why did Jonas Lorentzen leave Heilung?
  • 20.17 - Quickfire Round
  • 21.34 - Fun Fact
  • 22.54 - Jonas talks about his new work - what is the difference doing music for a film compared to a live project?
  • 25.07 - Jonas speaks about Sebastien (Vessel) who he is collaborating with on his new project
  • 26.26 - What advice would Jonas have for someone entering the industry?
  • 27.27 - What has been Jonas’ greatest challenge?
  • 30.09 - Does Jonas worry about other people’s opinions of him?
  • 34.01 - If Jonas could wake up with one quality or ability, what would it be?

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This episode was recorded at One Fine Play in January 2020

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