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Good Job with Beth Roars returns for a second season! Beth chats to vocal coach to the stars and mentor Joshua Alamu. Not only does he teach some of the world's top singers, Little Mix, Rita Ora and Kelly Jones from Stereophonics but he is also founder and director of Ultimate Artists, a development camp for music artists entering the industry and is designer of Vocal Tubes.

In this inspirational episode, Josh speaks about his journey from litter picking to vocal coach, his thoughts on how we can achieve a mindset for success and what he thinks makes a great voice.


  • 1.28 - What is Josh Alamu’s worst ever job?
  • 2.21 - How did Josh feel about having to clean a park at 4 am each day?
  • 5.22 - How to approach non-creative jobs with a good attitude and feeling directionless
  • 7.28 - Where did Josh’s musical interest come from?
  • 8.24 - Was Josh naturally a talented singer?
  • 9.27 - How did Josh Alamu become a singing teacher?
  • 11.56 - Does Joshua Alamu believe in fate or choice?
  • 15.09 - How does Josh define success?
  • 22.10 - Beth Roars asks Josh Alamu “What makes a good voice?”
  • 24.03 - Does Josh believe you have to experience pain to express emotion in your music?
  • 28.34 - Quickfire Round
  • 29.17 - How did Beth Roars come to know Joshua Alamu?
  • 30.23 - Can anyone learn to sing?
  • 31.14 - Does Josh experience self-doubt?
  • 32.15 - The importance of choice and consuming the right things
  • 34.57 - Does Josh believe people are naturally talented or have to work to develop skills?
  • 37.32 - Perspective and maintaining motivation
  • 43.35 - What’s more important, the plan or the purpose?
  • 45.57 - Beth Roars asks Joshua Alamu what his greatest challenge has been and what he holds as his greatest accomplishment
  • 52.10 - If Josh could gain one quality, what would it be?
  • 52.56 - What advice would Josh Alamu give to someone wanting to enter the music industry?

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This Episode was recorded at One Fine Play in December 2019

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