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This week, Beth's guest is comedian Mae Martin. Mae is has accolades across different comedy genres, radio shows, a book and musical comedy. Most recently, Mae starred in 'Feel Good' a semi-autobiographical show about her life that she also wrote for Channel 4/Netflix.

Beth and Mae discuss her battle with addiction, why honesty is important in comedy, how society perceives sex and gender and what it was like acting for the first time.

Episode Highlights:

  • 01.01 - What is Mae’s worst ever job?
  • 02.32 - How did Mae Martin get into comedy?
  • 03.22 - What journey has Mae had with Musical Comedy?
  • 04.48 - Is feeling comfortable in the job you do learned or something you’re naturally born with?
  • 05.27 - Mae speaks about her semi-autobiographical TV show Feel Good and how did she approach acting in it?
  • 07.47 - How did Mae find it performing in a show that was based on events in her real life?
  • 08.39 - How much does addiction apply to everyone and where do they stem from
  • 12.00 - What does Mae hope people take away from Feel Good? Does she think it’s important for art to have a wider societal point?
  • 14.00 - Quickfire Round
  • 15.07 - Fun Fact
  • 15.53 - Mae speaks about her book ‘Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A guide to 21st Century Sexuality’
  • 18.35 - How much has the public perception on sexuality changed in recent years?
  • 20.41 - Does Mae doubt her direction or her work?
  • 22.12 - If Mae could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?
  • 22.52 - Does Mae Martin feel successful? What defines success?
  • 25.24 - What has been Mae’s biggest challenge?
  • 26.15 - What does Mae want to do next?
  • 27.07 - Does Mae believe in fate or choice?

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