Sinéad O'Connor - Faith & Pain


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Today our guest is the outspoken and iconic Irish folk singer/songwriter Sinead O’Connor. Beth chats to Sinead about how music impacts society, overcoming her challenges and insecurities, why she reverted to Islam and how young people today are influencing the world.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.58 - What is Sinead O’Connor’s worst ever job?
  • 03.40 - What has driven Sinead? Why does she write?
  • 04.38 - Does Sinead agree with an article that says she has a voice of ‘pain and faith’?
  • 05.12 - Sinead speaks about the influence of John Lennon’s Death on music
  • 07.28 - Heroes appear when the world needs them. Greta Thunberg and how young people find a way to be part of a revolution, even if it’s not through music
  • 09.12 - Does Sinead O’Connor care about what other people think about her? And how has that changed as she’s got older?
  • 09.49 - Beth Roars asks Sinead if she has advice for young people wanting to enter the music industry
  • 12.05 - Does Sinead think certain personality types are attracted to the music industry?
  • 12.45 - Quickfire Round
  • 13.48 - Fun Fact
  • 14.38 - Beth speaks with Sinead about her decision to revert to Islam
  • 16.58 - What does Sinead consider to be her biggest achievement and her greatest challenge
  • 18.34 - Has Sinead ever doubted herself? Does she think she’s talented?

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This Episode was recorded in December 2019

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