Harold Mozingo - Spin Rate Experiments + Baseball Injuries


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In episode 77 of The Robby Row Show I bring on Harold Mozingo who’s a former Professional Pitcher having spent 6 years in The Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays Organizations.
Harold and I talk all about devastating Baseball injuries, Spin Rate experiments, and attempting to provide more value to the up and coming generation of Baseball players. All the links for this episode including Harold’s experiment with different substances effect on Spin Rate can be found at https://therobbyrowshow.com/mozingo/
Topics In Todays Show
* Reliever vs Starter
* Spin Rate Experiment
* Diamond Kinetics
* Substances Effect On Spin Rate
* Injuries
* Big Picture Mindset
* Being An Athlete
* Puberty
Harold Mozingo Links
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MozingoBaseball
Website - http://mozingobaseball.blogspot.com/p/info.html

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