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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report goes live to talk about solutions for creators who've had enough of Big Tech and introduce YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon have inconsistent moderation of content and have been endlessly frustrating for creators trying to get their content to their fans. Whether it's a shadow ban on Twitter and Facebook, or demonetization on YouTube, creators have been having to constantly navigate new hurdles and constantly changing rules to get their content to fans. With changing algorithms and unreliable notifications these platforms have not put creators first. is a solution for creators looking to connect and strengthen their relationship with their fans by removing the middleman and by creating a community that brings your brand and your business to the next level. Instead of trying to keep up with the ever changing rules of Big Tech on you can set your own rules for your community. Dave Rubin will answer Q and A from members only! Sign up at or download the new Rubin Report app on Apple or android.

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