How To Stop Your Loserthink Now & A Surprising Take On AOC (Scott Adams Interview)


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert, author of “Win Bigly”) about his new book “Loserthink” and many other topics. In addition to being a comic artist he is considered by some to be a political philosopher for his analysis of the persuasive ways of Donald Trump. He discusses “talent stacking”, the idea that you should focus on building a variety of complementary nonexpert skills as opposed to focusing on one particular skill. He describes how the talent stack he built up enabled him to go from being an employee of Pacific Bell to a famous comic artist. He details how his insights on Donald Trump has cost him many friends, but also a significant amount of his income. He talks about how he never had any major plans for his “Real Coffee with Scott Adams” periscope vlogs including the simultaneous sip, but that it naturally grew in popularity. He also details what Loserthink is, and how you can avoid falling victim to it. Scott also shares what he believes to be the worst advice you could ever get. Scott also gives his thoughts on Joe Biden, his surprising thoughts on AOC as well as his predictions for future candidates and which ones could pose a serious threat in 2020.

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