#37: Will Greenwood | Winning The 2003 World Cup With Jonny Wilkinson & Owning Your Role On The Pitch


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Will Greenwood is an English former rugby union player who played for Leicester Tigers and Harlequins and played 55 tests for England and was the centre for the 2003 World Cup-winning team and is our first repeat guest on the Rugby Bricks podcast. Will is a Sky Sports commentator and sports journalist for The Guardian having written over 1.5 M words for the publication on the game of rugby. He’s in the midst of publishing and writing his own book with his co-author Ben Fennell.

Will is a virtuoso in all things business, narrative direction, writing and exploring the world around us. Just like our first episode, this one has so many threads and resources that you could spend months on just following up on what Will shares. Here are some of the highlights from the episode:

  • Will shares how David and Goliath was actually an incredibly unfair fight for Goliath and how this relates to rugby
  • How Jonny Wilkinson spent there World Cup Final practising goal kicking and dropkicks while the team was in a huddle before going into overtime against Australia
  • Will talks about he learns with his own personal reading and listening time and how COVID has helped him to improve
  • How to stay in the game and find success as a player in the current professional era

We don’t often associate wisdom, understanding and persistent learning with rugby players but Will Greenwood is the living embodiment of this. I love catching up with Will not only because I learn about rugby but because I come away with a better understanding of the world around me.

Do some homework on this podcast and listen to the episode least a couple of times because there are so many gems in this one.

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