The Bump SA | Roo Breaks Down the Trade Negotiations with Sydney for Dawson | Rockliff on the ‘Hole Left in Port’s List’ | Is Jason Horne-Francis the Real Deal?


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00.00 - Opener.

01.25 - Biggles & Rocky’s Trade Stories.

02.20 - Roo on Trade Negotiations with Sydney for Dawson.

04.00 - Why didn’t the Crows force Dawson to the Pre-Season Draft?

05.30 - Roo on Kelly Leaving & Who Replaces Him.

06.05 - Rocky Says Restricted Free Agent Is Bad for Clubs.

09.05 - Where Does Dawson Fit into the Crows?

09.40 - Why Did Port Get Rid of Ladhams?

10.05 - Rocky Reveals Why Ladhams Wanted Out.

11.25 - Roo says Port Now have a Hole in their Side.

14.10 - Who Back Up Rucks Lycett Now?

15.40 - Rocky says Port are Backing in List Development.

16.45 - Ditts Disappointed Port Didn’t Bolster the Midfield.

18.20 - Has Port Reviewed the Prelim Final Preparation Rocky?

19.30 - Is there an Off Field Leadership Issue at Port?

20.25 - How much will Port miss Voss & Schofield?

21.10 - Cats take a Risk on Stengle, Good Move?

22.20 - Will a Few Hawks Come Back with Chips on their Shoulders?

24.05 - Why Weren’t Crows or Port interested in Luke Dunstan?

25.20 - Is Jason Horne-Francis the Real Deal?

26.55 - Will Crows new Camp involve Squid Game?

27.00 - Biggles Boundary Lisp!

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