RVE 176: Nerding Out Over RV Buyer Data with RVTrader


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If you own an RV, chances are you've heard of RV Trader or run across it during your RV shopping. I personally am on RV Trader every single day, since Alyssa and I are currently trying to figure out what RV we want to own next. So I probably account for 500K of the 18 million searches their website gets each month.

But if you haven't heard of RV Trader, I'll give you my definition of this massive online company in the first minute of this interview with their VP, Paige Bouma.

We sold our Winnebago Brave on RV Trader earlier this year and it's a great resource for anyone shopping for or selling their RV. It's always interesting to me to hear from leaders in the RV industry versus RVers themselves, so I hope you enjoy this episode where we get a behind the scenes look into buying and selling RVs online with RV Trader.

What we talk about in this episode:
  • How RV Trader differentiates itself from other RV sales platforms
  • How consumers prefer to communicate during an RV sale
  • The insights RV Trader has learned about the industry in the past ten years like:
    • The average RV buyer takes up to two years to find the right RV
    • Why shipments from manufacturers to dealers is down
    • 80% of RVs searched are "towables" (AKA trailers and fifth wheels)
    • Why 90% of buyers are NOT brand loyal
  • RV Trader expanding its business to the booming RV rental business
  • What Paige is excited about for the RV industry

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