RVE 178: The Five Stages of Hiring with Chad Davis


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In the six years he's been running his remote account firm, Chad has read something like 18,000 resumes.

So you could say he has a little bit of experience with hiring.

Chad runs Live CA, a fully remote accounting firm in Canada that boasts over 60 employees. In this podcast episode—which is Chad's mainstage talk from our 2019 RV Entrepreneur Summit—Chad dives into the five stages in the hiring process.

  1. Value
  2. Hiring
  3. Onboarding
  4. Support
  5. Offboarding

I've heard so many people who attended our Summit say this was their favorite talk of the weekend because of how advanced it is. Not every RV entrepreneur wants to build a company with 60 employees, but if you want to scale your business and hire any employees, Chad's talk is full of tactical advice on how to work through the hiring process.

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