TSE 1243: 5 Ways Exercise Will Help You Become A Better Sales Professional


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5 Ways Exercise Will Help You Become A Better Sales Professional

Everybody wants to be better and be the best version of themselves. There are ways to help you become a better sales professional.

Austin Rolling is the founder and CEO of a software company based in Houston, Texas called Outfield. It’s a web and mobile-based software application designed for organizations that compete for outside sales, field marketing, and field merchandising activities.

They created a platform to help companies acquire the necessary data to be effective in rolling out and executing their field marketing strategies.

Austin wrote an article about 5 areas we can become a better sales professional through exercise. To be better, exercise doesn't just refer to physical fitness. Mental health is just as important for someone wanting to be a great salesperson. The 5 areas we’ll be reviewing include:

  • Mental fitness
  • Having various outlets to relieve stress
  • Appearance
  • Energy to make it through the day
  • Self-reflection

Mental fitness

Sales can be mentally taxing, especially with a challenging sales cycle. They have to be able to show up and be ready to do critical tasks month after month. Because of this they have to be mentally tough. You need to be in the right mental state to remember even the tiniest tasks in order to remain organized. With the hormones released by the body during a physical exercise is one way a clearer mind can be achieved.

Have an Outlet to Relieve Stress

The second area that can help someone become a better sales professional is to have various outlets to relieve stress. We typically feel better after a great workout. The body releases endorphins that help reduce stress and anxiety. The hormones released by the brain due to exercise helps with mental clarity. For Austin, he relieves his stress with hard-core exercise. He suggests sales people look at a variety of outlets like golf, basketball, art, music, and more.

Presentable appearance

Appearance and grooming play a vital role for salespeople. In sales, it’s important to maintain a level of confidence and you only have one chance to make a first impression. When you want the value of your presentation to be heard, you need to make sure there are no distractions. An example of a distraction may include a wrinkled shirt or dirty shoes. You want to present yourself in such a way that you appear fit, carry yourself well, and seem confident.

Having the right energy

Salespeople have to be excited about the value they are going to provide to their customers. You want to go into a meeting with contagious energy so your customers will also get excited about your company’s value proposition. Make them believe in what you’re selling by believing in yourself first. If you want them to believe in the value and the services you’re able to provide show the energy that conveys that.

In his book, Social Intelligence by Daniel Goldman, a Harvard Ph.D. graduate, he talks about how our bodies are wired to connect with people. We have mirror neurons that allow us to synchronize with other people based on their emotions. These emotions are also based on the emotions we exude. If we are coming off negative, the client will sense it. Make sure that what you’re sending out is positive energy. Two sales reps can share the exact same message but the one with more passion and excitement will get the deal.

Exude a level of energy that’s contagious and believable! If you don’t, your competition will. #SalesMindset


Setting aside time for self-reflection is another way to become a better sales professional. Self-reflection allows you to see what mistakes you might have made and gives you time to think about how you can become better. It’s a time to think about your missed opportunities so you can make a note of vulnerable areas and allocate your energy to the right activities next time. Taking the time to do this will enhance and sales professional.

Even more important than talent and intelligence, is attitude. Do the things that will move you toward a more positive energy and clients will see that in the work.

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