Georgia Football Clips Clemson: Dawgs 1-0 After Defensive Masterpiece


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Herschel and Boss are still celebrating the monster win over Clemson in the Duke's Mayo Classic. They lost their voices at the game so the bark this week may be a little more like a growl:
- Georgia's defense stakes their claim as one of the nation's best
- The six-play stretch in the second quarter where Dawgs fans went from despair to delight
- The deafening volume in the stadium following Christopher Smith's dash into Dawgs lore
- Being on the field pregame and takeaways from seeing the Dawgs prepare at field level
- Why the offense is in better shape than you think and what they did that embodied a championship pedigree
- Romare Bearden Park being the perfect location for College Gameday and recounting the atmosphere of college's best kickoff show
- And much more
Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!
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