The Georgia Football Survey and 6 Sporting Events for the Rest of Your Life


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Herschel and Boss bark about:
The Coin Toss: (via Seth Emerson's article on The Athletic) Dell McGee was asked last week, what is the impact of Zamir White and James Cook returning? His answer was along the lines of, “It’s very similar to the situation when Sony Michel and Nick Chubb came back.”
The Saturday In Athens 6-Pack (inspired by Part III of Seth Emerson's survey series)

(1) Georgia-Florida: where do you want it played?

(2) Do you favor Georgia continuing to play Georgia Tech every year?

(3) Would you attend games at Sanford next season is the stadium is full capacity?

(4) Alcohol sales at Sanford – yes or no?

(5) What year did you attend your first Georgia game (was it home, road, or neutral site)?
The Saturday In Athens Sixer

(6) 6 Sporting Events for the Rest of Your Life - the guys give their picks
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