When Your Plan Hits a Wall


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Your plan to save your marriage has hit a wall. Maybe things were moving forward, or maybe they have been stalled from the beginning. But your plan? It hit the wall. First, let me assure you that this is not unusual. In fact, it is typical. Most plans hit a wall before success. Second, let me assure you that this does not mean you have failed, that your marriage has failed. But let me warn you, when people hit the wall, many give up and walk away. Many throw away their plan, their hopes, and their dreams. Unnecessarily. So let me say it again: just because your plan has hit a wall does not mean your marriage can’t be saved. It means your plan hit a wall. Time to adjust and shift. Time to process. Time to find clarity. But it doesn’t have to be time to quit. In this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast, I cover what it means when you hit the wall, why it happens, and how to get restarted — and not giving up! Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Book: Marriage Fail Point - Why Marriages Fail and What To Do You Need A Plan! “I’ll Try Anything” Is NOT A Plan! What “Space” Is About Save The Marriage System

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