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Today on the Savvy Musician Show we’re talking about growing your music business with less stress by not doing everything yourself. At the start of your music career, you might have to fulfill multiple roles, which will give you the insight you need to delegate and oversee the tasks later on. But getting help will give you the freedom and breathing space to build out your business much faster, which in turn will provide the finances you need to further outsource and in this way, grow. We dive into the topic of delegation, advising you on the types of tasks that you should contract out and the ones that are important to do yourself, because there are certain things that only you, the artist, can do successfully. Fortunately, there is loads of stuff that you should not be filling up your time with, things that you are no good at and that won’t do your reputation any favors. Household duties are also an easy one to delegate, getting someone to give you a hand with cleaning and cooking so that you can spend your time more productively on the things that you are passionate about. Be sure to tune in!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • A testimony from a student about his success with the help of SMA.
  • Some of the problems Leah encountered when she tried to do it all herself.
  • The importance of initially doing things yourself so that you understand the various dynamics.
  • Two extremes: those who don’t delegate anything and those who delegate it all.
  • Mixing and graphics – the first two things you should probably farm out.
  • Considering unnecessary expenses and why you can afford to contract out some work.
  • The importance of artists themselves doing the course and not their managers.
  • Why you should not be delegating the marketing early on in your business.
  • Decision fatigue and lightening your load by delegating home tasks and chores.
  • Giving others more decision-making power so that they can take things off your hands.
  • Identifying the most important aspect that you need help with.
  • And much more!


“In a lot of cases, it’s more expensive to do it yourself, all the time that you’re putting into it to not get it right and for it to not leave a good impression on somebody.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:10:02]

“That’s how delegation should happen, you need to know enough about it that you know if somebody is doing a good job or not for you.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:16:53]

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