S3E1 - The Haunting of Sand Canyon Road / The Vanishing Hotel / Walt Disney's Ghost / Dan Aykroyd's Men In Black Encounter


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Before I begin this episode, I want to let you all know that I will be switching the format of the podcast. I will not be doing scary stories as much as I feel less attached to this sort of work. I will now be going over strange cases, mysteries, paranormal activities, murders, hauntings, and much more. I want to bring real cases to you guys as it is more interesting to me, and I hope it will be to you as well. I also want to let you all know that I often post updates on my Instagram page @maddmikehorror , which I will link in the description. Also, I have a snapchat @maddmikehorror and a Facebook page, MaddMike or Mike Maddson. Please connect with me on social media so you can be up to date on whats going on with my podcast.

On this episode of the Scarecast, I will go over four cases: The Haunting of Sand Canyon Road, The Vanishing Hotel, Walt Disney’s Ghost. And Dan Aykroyd’s Men In Black Encounter


The Haunting of Sand Canyon Road (1:42)

A night that was supposed to birth memories for four teenagers on their prom night, instead, birthed a haunting urban legend that has existed in the city of Canyon Country since the 1980s. These four teenagers, one girl, and three boys had just left their high school prom and had gone for a drive down one of the many long stretches of road in Canyon Country, CA, known as Sand Canyon drive. The teenagers were headed to an area known as Nike Missile Site LA-94, an area where local teens would often hang out and party. Little did the teenagers know, this would be the last drive they would take as the car would suddenly swerve uncontrollably and would crash into a tree on the corner of Sand Canyon Road and Warm Springs Drive. The only girl in the car was still alive, and would cry for help, but unfortunately, would see her end when no one would arrive.

According to the urban legend, some locals claim that the spirit of the girl can be seen around the actual crash site around midnight to 3:00am. The girl would appear to run towards the person who spots her, and request help for her injured friends, her hair flying on all sides, and her face completely ruined. The girl is said to have entirely white eyes, and half her skull is visible around her nose and mouth. Sometimes she is said to even launch at the person as if she is trying to take the person with her. Luckily, in all cases, either the person has escaped in time, or the girl has disappeared into thin air.

Destiny Soria's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/destinythefirst

Check her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJcJUeVND5w

"It's Here" - a voice is heard on her video.




The Vanishing Hotel (5:15)

After two weeks of travelling, the couples decided to return home and upon remembering how cheap the hotel that they stayed at, decided that they would give it another shot and stay there for the night. However, even though they had followed the exact directions to where the hotel was located on the map, they struggled to find it.

Pauline stated that, “This is without a doubt the road that it was on!”. Everyone agreed for the simple fact that they saw the old-fashioned circus posters, still plastered along walls. They followed the map, made several changes to their route, but still had no luck in finding the hotel. This arose the question, “Where could the hotel have gone?”, especially if they were so sure that it was where they were looking.




Walt Disney Haunts His Old Apartment? (14:28)

Although Walt passed away in 1966, it is believed that his ghost made its way back to his old apartment in Disneyland to continue watching over the place he cherished the most... but in a much creepier way.




Dan Aykroyd's Men In Black Encounter (17:36)

Just before the cancellation of his TV show Out There, Aykroyd claims that he stepped out of the studio to take a smoke, but ended up taking a call from Britney Spears, who he had starred beside as her father in the film Crossroads. Britney Spears had called him to ask him to appear on Aykroyd’s old show Saturday Night Live with her, and as he talked he says he noticed a mysterious black Ford Sudan pull up on a nearby street. He claimed that he tried to look at the license plate of the vehicle, but it appeared “fuzzy.” Out of the car purportedly stepped two guys, in which one “very tall,” pale man in a black suit had stepped out of the backseat. The tall guy stared right at Aykroyd with a “dirty look.” Aykrord claimed to have looked the other way after noticing this, but when he looked right back after a second later, the mysterious men and the vehicle was no longer there. Aykroyd claims that the car disappeared out of thin air.

Two hours after this incident, the producers of the show were told to stop taping, and the show was immediately canceled. Had the show been released, it would have made public an interview with Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project, who was about to spill tons of testimony of UFO witnesses and supposed insider information. Unfortunately, no reason was ever disclosed in regards to why the show was canceled.

Dan Aykroyd Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4uYQbq1ibM





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