S3E2 - Dolly's Dip & The Death of Regena Dolly Young / Harold The Doll / The Ilkley Moor Alien


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In this episode of the Scarecast, we will be going over three cases:


Dolly's Dip & The Death of Regena Dolly Young (1:05)

In 1984, The Los Angeles Times did a story about a horrible accident involving 48-year-old, Regena “Dolly” Young on Disneyland’s ‘Matterhorn. One day, on the attraction, Regena fell off of her bobsled and was fatally trampled by an incoming bobsled.

An analysis of the incident revealed that an unbuckled seat belt was the main issue that could have brought about the accident. It is still unclear whether the seatbelt trouble was caused by a ride malfunction or something that Regena intentionally did, which some reports claim could have been done to help out her child who was also on the ride. What is clear is that while on the ride, Regena stood up as the bobsled sloped downward when there was another track overhead. This sudden drop flung Regena upward, causing her head to smash into the track up above, which threw her out of her sled onto the track it was riding on. When she landed, she was still alive but unconscious, but then about thirty seconds later another bobsled came speeding along and ran her over. She was instantly killed and supposedly wound up lodged in the structure so tightly that the track had to be taken apart to get her out.

This accident became so notorious, that the place where Regena died was coined “Dolly’s Dip”, based off of her nickname. Ever since she died, it became evident that the ghost of “Dolly” started to haunt the Matterhorn. Many people reported they frequently saw her ghost and heard its eerie wails throughout the attraction, specifically in a large cavernous area near the center of the ride.


Harold The Doll (5:54)

Greg Mishka first posted his doll, Harold, on eBay back in 2004. Greg had been pursuing a career as a filmmaker at the time and was adamant to fully disclose the experiences he had with the doll to potential buyers. He explained that ever since he bought the doll from a flea market in Florida, his life had been turned upside down and flooded with bad luck.

Greg’s cat mysteriously died, his girlfriend broke up with him, and he would constantly have migraines. After he was told by a priest to burn Harold, Greg attempted to set the doll alight, but it simply wouldn’t burn. Instead, the doll was put in a small wooden coffin and Greg decided to store it in his basement. Unfortunately, he started to hear the voices of children playing in his basement.

The eBay listing quickly gained a lot of traction. Many websites published articles discussing Greg and Harold, forums would discuss them, and at one point the Coast to Coast radio show, hosted by Art Bell, spoke about the doll.

Suspicions surrounding Harold started to grow, even more so when a video was uploaded to the internet. In this video, viewers can see the doll’s arm and mouth moving. Greg claims that the doll spoke and said the word “Harold”, which is why he decided to give it that name.

At first, Greg had hoped to just make a little extra cash from selling the doll, but with all the attention it was receiving, more and more bids were being made.


The Ilkley Moor Alien (15:54)

In 1987, a metropolitan policeman in London quit his job of four years in order to move closer to his wife’s family. The man went by the fictitious name, Philip Spencer, and that year, he moved to the West Yorkshire area of Ilkley Moor with his wife and child.

Later that year, on the morning of December 1st, at around 7:15 am, Spencer went out on a walk to visit his in-law’s. It was particularly dreary and overcast that morning, and Spencer would have to cross the Ilkley Moor to reach his destination. Spencer had heard tales of mysterious lights that had been seen around Ilkley Moor, so he brought along his camera just in case. He also took his compass with him, to help with navigating through the early day fog. It had been a few months since Spencer started living there, so he prepared for any sudden mist or rain, which was characteristic of the area.

As he traveled through the moor, Spencer decided to take a shortcut, which led him up a steep slope and past a group of trees. When he got close to the trees, he noticed a barely audible humming noise that he assumed came from an unseen aircraft above the fog. Unexpectedly, something darted past Spencer’s field of vision and he turned to check it out. At about 30 feet away, Spencer saw a small green creature that was around four feet tall. The creature proceeded speedily through the trees, and the bewildered Spencer shouted “Hey” at it, expecting to figure out its identity. In response, the little being turned toward him and waved. It was then that Spencer remembered his camera, and he swiftly took it out and photographed the creature.

The creature then continued onward up a slope that led to a quarry at its summit. Spencer on impulse followed the peculiar being, curious to find out more about it.

As he neared the end of the path, he suddenly froze in astonishment at what appeared in front of him. Spencer observed a large silver object that rose from the moor; it looked like two saucers conjoined at the edges with a domed top. On top of the dome, there was a white cube with a pattern of holes carved into it. Spencer then noticed the humming sound he heard earlier, was coming from the craft, and now blared loudly around him. Regrettably, the shock of everything prevented him from capturing a photo before the object disappeared into the sky.





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