Compassion over Pity with Humble the Poet


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Do you spend time thinking of past mistakes? Do negative memories burden you? Thoughts of incidents you believe to be unfair. We all go through tough times in life. But sometimes we get stuck in feelings of despair and self-pity. There is a path out of that dark place. There are ways to replace self-pity with compassion and understanding. All champions go through challenges. The key is to use your experience as a stepping-stone that will lead you on a path to greatness. For this Five Minute Friday, I am introducing you to my friend Humble The Poet, who has a fantastic message about self-pity and compassion. Kanwer Singh, aka Humble The Poet, is a Toronto-bred MC/Spoken word artist, author, and motivational speaker. He stimulates audiences with ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and go against the grain, with dynamic live sets that shake conventions and minds at the same time. Learn how to defeat negativity and self-pity with compassion and self-love on Episode 864. In This Episode You Will Learn: How to limit and eliminate your self-pity. (2:14) The importance of giving children discipline and love. (2:55) Knowing how to take responsibility, even when it’s not your fault. (3:50) How to live your life as a Champion. (4:10) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the show notes and more at, and follow at

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