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“You don’t need permission to do big things.”


How do we do something in our own backyard that will make us money? (1:00)

Why are there not high paying jobs out there for people just graduating? (4:45)

What can you do to learn how to earn? (6:21)

Why did you start World Domination Summit and why are you ending it? (18:30)

What will it take to stand out as an individual or brand to breakthrough? (24:31)

How does one find the right mentor? (28:12)


Why it doesn’t pay off to be cynical (6:00)

How curiosity and hard work pay off (9:23)

What kind of people impact you the most (22:20)

The greatest skill you can have (25:31)

Why finding your own way is essential (31:30)


The Money Tree: A Story About Finding Fortune In Your Own Backyard

Teach for America

Side Hustle School

World Domination Summit

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